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About Us

Hello and welcome to our site. We are an independent provider of second hand cell phones, tablets and laptops.  All of our devices are unlocked and can be used on any carrier in any country.  We offer the most recent models from the best manufacturers in the market.  Our mission is to make sure your purchase is easy and satisfying; from obtaining funds for your purchase to receiving your order in a timely fashion. 

How We Got Started

PhoneCrib have been providing products & services in the cell phone industry since 2014. For over seven years and have extensive knowledge of the market..

We rely on our devices more and more each day and not having access to one can be debilitating. Weather you need to replace or add a back up, Phonecrib is your source for quality, second-hand smart devices at affordable prices with convenient ways to finance.

We have been in the business for over seven years and have extensive knowledge of the market. Our inventory includes the best brands of smart devices. They are fully functional with no major damage, only slight signs of natural wear and tear.

We also offer brand new accessories, including cases, tempered glass, chargers, cables and more.

Today we are helping thousands of customers by offering affordable devices.

We offer full disclosure on all of our products so you can make an informed decision and buy with confidence.

Please have a look around and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.