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Can I Leave An iPhone Charging Overnight?

    charge the iphone battery overnight

    How to charge my new cell phone, do’s & don’ts. Now is the era of fast charging, we usually only need about one or two hours to fully charge our phone.

    We’ve all heard that charging your phone overnight is bad, it’ll damage the phone. “It can cause a fire” or “it’ll ruin the battery” we’ve all been warned about these potential safety hazards. We’re all very curious if our new phones are still susceptible or has the technology changed. I believe we are all very curious about it.

    First of all, most cell phones are now internally configured with a more mature technology lithium battery, without any memory effect, can be charged overnight without damaging the battery.

    Moreover, there is a charge and discharge management chip inside the phone, which monitors the whole process of charging the phone in real time.

    Once fully charged, the charge/discharge management chip will carry out intelligent identification and sensing, automatically cutting off the charging circuit and stopping the power supply, thus protecting the phone from the danger of overcharging. After the phone stops charging, it will enter the discharge state.

    When the power is consumed to a certain level, it will be detected and recognized by the charge/discharge management chip, and then the charging function will be activated again. In other words, the phone will be in a continuous cycle of charging and discharging throughout the night, so there is no problem of overcharging. However, the safety of the phone’s own charging mechanism does not mean that the phone charging process is absolutely safe.

    The reason for many charging accidents in the past two years is that people do not operate the charging process, properly.

    For example, the biggest potential danger is to buy counterfeit and shoddy non-brand charging devices for cheap. After Apple began to cancel the distribution of charging heads since the iPhone 12 was released, it is estimated that many cell phone manufacturers will follow suit.

    But the charging head is a necessity, so you can only buy original or third-party products.

    The current market of charging devices is mixed, we must be careful to buy the safety certification, quality assurance brands.

    Secondly, some people charging before going to bed will incidentally put the phone on the bed or even under the pillow, which is also one of the reasons for the phone charging explosion accident. Because the phone in the process of charging will form a heat buildup. When this heat is not effectively dissipated in the closed space, it is extremely easy to spontaneous combust, causing accidents.

    Finally, using the phone while charging is also a major taboo point.

    We mentioned earlier that the phone will emit a certain amount of heat during the charging process, and using the phone while charging will cause the heat to double, causing great harm to the lithium battery. Especially if the battery is aging or bulging, the heat builds up to a certain level when it is easy to spontaneous combustion, explosion and other dangers.

    Overall, the phone charging all night without unplugging does not cause any great impact on the phone, to everyone.

    However, incorrect charging behavior and non-certified chargers and cables are the most dangerous behaviors, so we must be aware of safety and develop good charging habits to prevent accidents.