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Did My iPhone Battery Just Take A Crap?

    iphone battery

    IS it me, Or did my iPhone battery all of a sudden drain really fast? Apple released the iOS 16.4 update last week, on March 27th 2023. Introducing some new features for iPhone users that will probably go unnoticed. but you may have noticed something, an unwelcome new feature: faster battery drain.

    According to tests conducted by YouTube channel iAppleBytes, iOS version 16.4 reduces battery life on several iPhones compared to previous versions. The tests involved iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone 8 models and found that their battery test scores all dropped, some by double digits. For example, iPhone 13’s battery score dropped 11 percent and iPhone 12’s dropped 12 percent.

    In addition to the reduced battery life, some iPhone users have reported problems with the Weather app not loading data after updating to iOS 16.4, and others have experienced problems with having to re-enter their Wi-Fi passwords. So, don’t freak out and you’re not going crazy, it’s just Apple releasing updates to fast without testing it completely.

    We strongly suggest not installing any new update from Apple if your iOS is functioning fine. We do recommend updating to a new ios if you’re currently experiencing issues, though. But if everything is working on your end, wait, wait until about a week to make sure their are no kinks that Apple didn’t anticipate. As of this writing, Apple has released iOS 16.4.1, on April 7th, 2023. It will address the battery life and other issues mentioned above.