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How Long Do Cell Phone Batteries Last?

    how long do cell phone batteries last

    Have you ever encountered such a problem: After using your cell phone for a period of time, you feel that the power of the cell phone is not enough? From the first two days, I charged it once, and then I charged it more a day later. Especially if you like to “play” with your cell phone, even one more charge a day is not enough. How long do cell phone batteries last? What are some of the reasons that cause the battery of the cell phones to be less and less durable?

    1. The lifespan of the lithium battery

    Our current smartphones basically use lithium-ion batteries. The biggest feature lithium-ion batteries are the number of charging cycles. To put it simply, it is a cycle when the power is charged from 0 to 100, and the life of the battery will be correspondingly reduced once each cycle. Lithium-ion battery cycles are generally about 500 times, so when the number of charging cycles reaches a certain value, the battery of the mobile phone will naturally not last.

    2. Always charging your phone to 100%

    Many people are used to charging to 100% when charging, thinking that this can make the battery more durable, but in fact it will damage the battery even more. Today’s lithium-ion batteries don’t need to be charged to 100%, the voltage will also increase at 100%, which puts pressure on the battery and makes it work slower. In the long run, charging to about 95% can make the battery run longer. *Cell Phones made after 2018 have a safety feature that will slow the voltage rate down as it gets closer to 100%. So charging newer cell phones to 100% will not damage the battery like older ones.

    3. Using your cell phone while it’s charging

    Many people use their cell phones while charging, especially playing games and watching videos. During this time, the cell phone will generate some heat when performing these “big operations”, and the battery itself will also generate a certain amount of heat when charging. This extra heat will naturally damage the battery. If it is serious, it may cause a “mobile phone explosion”. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use your cell phone while charging.

    4. Using unbranded or cheap cables & chargers

    When buying a new cell phone, the manufacturer will provide a charging cable and possibly the wall charger. But having just one set makes it restrictive, so we often purchase additional ones. It’s okay if it’s a third-party brand that uses the original specs with safety guarantees. But if you use cheap (no brand) charging cables or wall chargers or cables and chargers from another mobile phone brand, and it doesn’t match the charging standard of the cell phone itself, it will also damage the cell phone battery very much.

    5. Too many background programs open and settings

    When the cell phone has too many backgrounds running at the same time, the power consumption will be much more than usual. Also, keeping the brightness at full and never powering down will make the cell phone battery less durable. Turn off some programs, lower the brightness and turn it off once every three days will help  the battery maintains its durability.

    The above are some factors and solutions for the durability of cell phone batteries. In general, we cannot control the life of the lithium battery, but paying attention to charging methods, usage and accessories of the cell phone can help increase the battery life of the smartphones.