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Will The Mac Ever Be A Viable Option For Gamer?

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    Apple’s Mac computers are very powerful in image processing and video editing, mainly because the Mac system with Apple Silicon chips can exert all the capabilities of the hardware, and it is the first choice for daily office work. But in the minds of most gamers, Windows PC is the first choice for playing games on the computer.

    Not only are there a wide variety of games, but there are also gaming platforms such as Steam with many discounts, and Epic, which gives free games every week. Mac already has the most powerful M2 Pro chip, and its computing power is even stronger than that of PS5, but it has no advantage compared with Windows PC at the same price, and the number of games on Mac is still very small, many of which are on Windows PC. You can’t even download games on your Mac that work on the Mac.

    Recently, Apple executives admitted in an interview with the technology media TechCrunch that the Mac is indeed a bit unsatisfactory in terms of games. If Apple wants to attract more gamers, it is bound to improve in many aspects. He also stated that Apple will not use slogans such as “Mac is an excellent gaming platform” in its promotion but will continue to improve the gaming performance of Apple Silicon in the future. In fact, Apple first launched a game console called Apple Pippin in 1995. This game console was conceived by Apple and Bandai. At that time, it had a quite avant-garde design, which could not only play games but also have other entertainment functions, but the final sales volume was very bleak, with a total of less than 50,000 units sold worldwide. The high price was a big reason, compared with the competition in the market at that time.

    Competitors such as Nintendo N64, Sega and PS were several times less expensive, so the follow-up development of Pippin was quickly closed. For Apple, it has never wanted the Mac to be used for gaming and entertainment. Instead, its purpose has always been to provide a functional high-end work device. This is where Macs and Windows PCs differed in the first place, Macs were usually bought for work, programming, design, construction, etc., while Windows was more of a general-purpose operating system.